To check whether the issue is with the outlet or another object, try plugging in another device. It accelerates the bike with the pedal stroke. Rad Power Bikes is a Seattle-based company that has invested resources in developing affordable yet high-quality e-bicycles. Ensure you refill the system with another brake fluid. Reasons being, its extremely dangerous and can pose lethal consequences. No worries! Registration unsuccessful. You must log in or register to reply here. However, if your battery has no apparent damage and it can no longer charge, follow the next step: a detailed analysis of the internal parts. Just check out the custom-made tires that Electric Bike Company designed, shown below compared to other high-quality tires they have tested. Views 4K. Lastly, check whether the PAS is working or not. Buying a Rad Power Bike? A battery that has been in contact with a liquid will suffer a lot and be damaged irreversibly. What you should do: You may not think it at first, but seeing 3 green lights and 1 red light on the Standard External battery indicates a full charge! Your bike is designed to withstand the elements, but puddles can sometimes pose hidden dangers to your battery. Secondly, check the connectors and wiring. Last week my Radrover 5 finally came in the mail- got it assembled and it looked great. Support Us | Its crucial to keep riding the bike. The charger is designed to stop charging automatically when the battery is fully charged. Prepare your camera to record a video of working through the troubleshooting steps below. There arent any delivery options in your area at this time. Before you waste hours online looking for a solution, here are a few simple things that may fix your battery-not-charging issue. It may not display this or other websites correctly. So he designed a DIY electric bicycle conversion kit, which became known as the FUN kit. A solid red light indicates that the charger is working normally and that your battery is being charged. If your Rad Power Bikes battery is different from these two, some of the tips under "Rule out the Obvious" may still be helpful. But it wont be a real electric biking experience. They have a specific lifespan on your Rad-Power-Bikes e-bike. However, the pedal-assist system is operated and controlled by sensors. If it doesn't work, find another one. In order to offer you another solution, it is also possible to have your bicycle battery reconditioned Rad-Power-Bikes , especially if its spare parts are not available on the market. For instance, theyre more expensive than normal bikes, with some going to as high as $3,000. Consider Replacing the Battery; if it is exhausted and stops charging itself. The process will require you to power off the bike, turn off the battery, discharge residual power, unplug a connector and inspect it (take photos of any signs of moisture, debris, or damage), carefully plug the connector back in, turn on the battery, and check if the issue is resolved when you power on the bike. I took it out for the maiden voyage on PAS1 using very minimal throttle and the battery was completely exhausted within ten minutes. The bikes are meant to replace gas-guzzling cars and are geared towards a greener globe. Check for any dirt or moisture in the PAS sensor connector. A bike shop in Florida caught fire last month, destroying much of the interior and inventory, according to Bicycle Retailer and News (BRAIN). Its pretty easy to reset a rad power bike battery. Copyright 2023 Science Gadget | Powered by WordPress Astra Theme. This can be due to loose wheel bearings, a bad wheel caliper, contaminated linings, and misadjusted brakes. Save my name, email, and site in the browser for my next comment. Some batteries have one light, while others have two. And while that price seems fairly middle-of-the-road, the quality of these bikes far exceeds the price. I got a new Rad Power RadMission the other day and it isn't charging from my Cycle Satiator. Salt has corrosive properties and high electrical conductivity. There is a need to inspect the PAS sensor connector. For example, while Electric Bicycle Company doesnt build their own electronic speed controllers (the device that interfaces power between the battery and the motor), they have the controllers manufactured to their exact specifications, including designing the wire lengths and connectors to be uniform across their entire line. Were not trying to trick you into relying solely on our products, but utilizing the battery and battery charger that comes with your Rad Power Bikes-branded ebike is honestly one of the most important steps you can take to keep your bike running optimally. Turn it to ON and try again. ago I know it is an old battery, and it's getting a lot colder as winter is coming now, so it may have something to do with that? If the problem persists, its time to involve a professional. 48 volt Battery for my Rad Wagon electric Bike. Firstly you have to check the battery and the connectors. Keep your chain oiled and have regular tune ups for your derailleur system. Type above and press Enter to search. Before beginning, ensure that youre following the instructions for the type of battery you have. Do an inspection and implement relevant replacements. For that, loosen the handlebar grip cap with a Flat Head Screwdriver. Make sure to avoid spraying water directly into electrical components, like your display or battery tray. Unplug the Charger Once Your Battery is Fully Charged. If you do come across salt or saltwater, however, there are steps you can take to help minimize any damage to your bike or battery. So, the PAS stop working when the sensors are corrupted or misplaced. Before that, disconnect the throttle connector. Buy an all-new RadRunner 3 Plus & get a free Passenger Package. Keep batteries at room temperature, out of direct sunlight to prevent overheating, Dont store your battery or bike by a single exit point. Otherwise, get something durable and high performing. Tune packages include our Basic Tune, Rad Tune, and Rad Overhaul. Support the forum and use my affiliate link: . Not sure of there's something wrong with the battery on my radrunner or the charger. Whenever the throttle stop working, you should restore or replace it. Rest was upgrades I did for giggles. The bikes come in a specially-sized box with custom foam blocks cut and shaped to fit the bikes, perfectly protecting them inside the box. I see some with wires and some without. You can use a multimeter to test the charger. We Specializein lithium ion batteries for electric bicycles of all brands. Press the Charge Level button and check to make sure it is charging properly. Here, we recommend inspecting the magnetic ring for any damage or dirt. This action can even, in some cases, make your equipment even more efficient and resistant. Lets learn 5 reasons why the rad power bike not working and figure their solutions out. Consult a local fire department or battery recycling facility for disposal of a damaged battery pack. This results from a worn brake system. Then diagnose the wiring and the sensor itself. G. Rad . Who wouldnt want to bring their electric bike on a road trip? Whether your bike has a semi-integrated battery or an external one, there are times when it refuses to turn on. If your battery has two lights, and one is solid red while the other is solid green, that means your battery has reached full charge. As the popularity of electric bikes has grown, so have the potential safety concerns. It blinks when you rotate the pedal. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, dirt, debris, high temperatures, and corrosive household items until its time to ride again. Just a hint to (hopefully) spiff up your journalism. In addition, bike racks have maximum weight limits, and removing the battery can save you up to 7.7 pounds. Bosch battery 500 Watts (36 volts): 820 euros, Charger problem on my Mod-Bikes electric bike, Charger problem on my Lemond electric bike, Charger problem on my FLX-Ebikes electric bike. Please select from the available assembly options, or update your delivery zip code. If there are any loose connections, rectify them. Firstly, insert the throttle and the spacer. Hop on and off with ease via the step-thru frame design. With local manufacturing and better control over the entire process, Electric Bike Company is able to offer perhaps the best warranty in the industry: 10 years on the frame and motor as well as 5 years on the battery. All Rights Reserved. Here are some models with good value for money: Otherwise, if you are looking for an entry-level model, it's here: Want to learn more about how your Rad-Power-Bikes electric bike battery works? As a trader, benefit from our attractive wholesale. Bike is pretty much functionless right now. This is known as the Goldilocks zone where it is neither too hot nor too cold. However, youre likely to encounter problems such as the bike not starting, PAS sensor not working, hydraulic brake failure, spoke failure, and Rad UI remote & display failure. So, when you say rad power bikes are not working, it means there is an error on the battery, motor, or assist system. At first, you have to check the wiring and connection, especially the prongs. Besides, test the sensors regularly. Question about balancing the battery. Let me explain. Squeal noises from brakes are usually annoying. This is for the standard battery pack only. That's scary. If it only has one light, and it is green, thats a go signal for you as well. Located in Southern California. Poor temperature dissipation/ventilation, overvoltage, old batteries, issues with the on-board electronics cam cause it. If that wont power up either, the problem is with your receptacle, not the bike or the battery. Sometimes that means a DIY fix and other times it can mean a recall, software update or part replacement by a dealer. Dec 6, 2022. The battery will reset. Remember to also give your battery some time to reach this optimal temperature zone. How do I reset my Rad power bike battery? The company also takes advantage of the extreme level of control they have over the production process to outfit the bikes with the best components they can without pushing the price sky-high. Replies 27 Views 5K. Several years ago when Aaron was working for Singletracks he spilled coffee on his laptop. These fuses are cheap and easily attainable from any local auto store. Welcome Rad Power Bike owners! When the PAS feature isnt working effectively, it requires close attention and troubleshooting. The battery key must be in the ON position to check the charge level of the battery. They are not serviceable. The battery needs to cool down first. The bikes are also more expensive compared to some of the other brands. So, you can quickly know whether or not the battery has enough charge. If the battery gets too old or exhausted, replace it. Our always-on services are here to support you daily. Mon - Fri: 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. PSTSat & Sun: Closed, Mon - Fri: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. PSTSat & Sun: Closed. That helps ensure that we can update the bikes as quickly as possible. I hope this will help you to understand the troubleshooting process. You can then replace it with a new one. If the bike was left out in the heat or the cold, it will take some time to adjust after you bring it indoors. Like phones, cars, bluetooth headphones, remote control cars, and so many other products, e-bikes often use lithium ion batteries. The explanations below explain what each light on the chargers means. For riders 4'8" - 6'0" Choosing a new assembly option will also update the assembly option for the other items in your cart. Having a new wheel built can help if you encounter such a problem. Unplug each of the above connectors and inspect them thoroughly. Get some Spare Connectors and rectify the connection issues by Soldering. 2 YEARS WARRANTY ON ALL NEW EBIKE BATTERIES Home; Shop. The Semi-Integrated Battery has the key lock on the frame of the bike, not on the battery. In a video on Global News Canada, one of the homeowners explains that when the battery was taken outside, it started smoking and quickly caught fire. Here, you might notice that the Rad UI Remote and Rad UI Display arent turning on. With a high-capacity battery such as the one used in the Delfast 3.0, you may not need to charge so often. We hope this helpful guide gets you back out and enjoying your Rad power bike quickly. Reconnect the connectors to a charged battery and turn your bike on to see whether the problem is resolved. Switching it up and using third-party batteries or chargers could result in the battery being charged too fast or losing capacity. Stay up to date with the latest content by, Electric Vehicle Price Guide best prices for dealers in the US, Having received an Electric Bike Company e-bike myself, Podcast: Tesla Investor Day news, Gigafactory Mexico, Rivian earnings, and more, Ford tripling F-150 Lightning, doubling Mach E production in 2023, Governor says Volkswagens new plant to build Scout EVs is coming to South Carolina, Tesla is deploying its first Supercharger V4, and its huge, Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos. Ebike Retail Sales & Service Centers | Rad Power Bikes Ebikes Explore our award-winning ebikes Our electric bikes have won more awards than any other brand from Electric Bike Review. We recommend adjusting the bikes show adjuster. Frostybikes; Apr 27, 2021; 2. In time those processes can be shifted to injection molding, but Electric BIke Company is still growing, meaning 3D printing provides them flexibility for design changes and doesnt require the same investment as injection molded parts. The battery is the source that runs the motor. Shipping and taxes will calculated at checkout. Today, after charging it for four hours, the battery has not gained any charge as indicated by the bars on the controller. This will also prevent range decline from unnecessary charging. And if its damaged beyond repair, make an immediate replacement. Besides, the Rad help center is always there to help you. Finally, close the grip cap, and you are done. Rad Rover 6 Plus battery Wont Charge fix deftoner 209 subscribers Subscribe Share 9.8K views 1 year ago this is a basic guide on how to take apart the rad power bike rad rover 6 plus. Rad Power Bike batteries are designed for easy removal - no disconnecting of wires - allowing you to charge indoors or extend . This can be attributed to the rear wheel motor being exposed to more stress. After removing the throttle, you have to diagnose it. I walked away from that experience very impressed with the quality of the bike. When not in use, keep the bike and battery stored together in a clean, dry, temperature-controlled environment between 50F and 77F. Singletracks may receive compensation for purchases made through any affiliate links in this article. The brand has received 10 reports of batteries falling and two reports of the latch spring wearing on the housing. We shut it down right away, dried everything as best we could, and he went back to work. Storage: Use a fire-resistant cabinet if possible for storage and keep it away from trash, chemicals, and other . After you use the battery, are you charging it immediately? Reports of fires ignited by exploding e-bike batteries have grown across the country, prompting warnings by fire departments and new user education. All Rad Power Bikes come with PAS that puts the motor power in the pedal stroke. Batteries may take 7-8 hours to achieve a full charge, so be patient. Shop All Ebikes 14-day free trial 1-year warranty Shop by style Shop by model Off-road Go anywhere comfort. Installed all 3 and got the same 30 maintain error every single time I engaged the PAS. If you encounter such challenges, we recommend contacting an expert for a repair or replacement. Other times green light comes on, when I put back on bike it shows one bar less than full? Most Rad bike models use one of the following batteries, both of which can be removed from the bike, but only one of which has a key port on the battery itself. Get a new battery if the old one is chemically exhausted. If your Rad Power Bikes battery is unlike these two types, some helpful tips under "Checking for obvious fixes" may still apply. La battery of your Rad-Power-Bikes electric bike does not turn on anymore ? Dedicated to building a perfect bike, for everyone. Sometimes, your brakes might pull to one side when you step on them, thus not working efficiently. When batteries explode, its said that the flow of ions has become abnormal or unstable. Lets hear it for our batteries! Widgets, Explore You need to make a quick replacement to avoid accidents when such happens. James Wilson of Obsession Bikes told Global News that lower-quality equipment usually causes concerns for their shop as opposed to items from Shimano, Bosch, or higher-quality e-bike brands. They briefly flicker red before turning off. This model encompasses Rad Power Bikes' design philosophy to produce machines that combine power with ease, convenience, and accessibility. According to you the charging malfunction of your electric bike Rad-Power-Bikes comes from a malfunction or from the incompatible charger? In fact, it was the goal of bringing this type of transportation assistance to South Africa that originally got Sean interested in electric bikes nearly a decade ago, and thus would be a fitting way to complete the circle on his journey through the world of electric bicycle designing and manufacturing. On average, a bicycle battery is used up after 3-5 years, Trying to find a replacement is no longer necessary: you save and your own battery can be better then new, During a rebuild, all the worn cells are removed from the housing of your old battery, You choose the capacity of the new battery and determine the range yourself, Completely new premium brand energy cells are welded back in your electric bicycle battery, Just like with a new eBike battery, you receive a 12-month warranty, The parts that are still good are reused, which saves you money, By reusing good parts, rebuilding is much less harmful to the environment. If none of these solutions work, then the battery may have a blown fuse and need to be replaced. Wildfire Threat Closes Trails in New Mexico and New Singletrack 4 Hardtail MTBs on Sale, plus SRAM & RockShox AXS 3 Expert Tips to Improve Winter Mountain Bike Performance. Yes. A common problem youll encounter is the breakage of the spoke in the rear wheel. Having received an Electric Bike Company e-bike myself, I can say that it is without a doubt the best-packaged e-bike I have ever seen. This is not a paid add for Rad Power B. Ensure the remaining battery power is fully discharged. The battery charger displays one red light and one green light when it is connected to the battery as she attempts to charge it, the same as when the charger is not connected to a battery. Yet the whole thing retails for just $699 and could conceivably turn a conventional beach cruiser or other standard bicycle into an electric bike with high-quality parts for under $1,000. You dont need to do anything! Below are common hydraulic brake challenges and how to fix them: Having a low brake fluid constitutes the most common problem that people encounter as far as brakes are concerned. Consider Replacing the Battery; if it is exhausted and stops charging itself. 4000 miles on a Radwagon here- Keep your spokes tight and true. Here are a few best practices aimed at keeping both you and your little 48V friend happy. You should either replace the linings or make a simple brake adjustment. Besides, it happens if the sensor is faulty or misaligned. While he enjoys building high-quality e-bikes, he knows that not everyone can afford a $1,500 or $2,000 e-bike. So we try to give a more personal touch, and that includes the same builder working on the bike from start to finish.. IMBA Epics | If it works, continue your research in order to find out the reasons why your charger no longer works. Now, check whether the sensor is in the correct position. Store the battery in a dry, climate controlled, indoor location between 50 F-77 F (10 C-25 C) or whatever temperature range is recommended in your ebike's Owners Manual.